Map of the district

Absentee ballots

Michigan Secretary of State, Bureau of Elections

2016 Race

Jill Stein / Ajamu Baraka rally
Detroit, C-span video, 1:21:24, 9/2/16

David Cassleman: Running for First: Activist Ellis Boal running for Congress a fourth time
Interlochen Public Radio, 9/12/16

1st Congressional candidates lay out their positions at forum
Interlochen Public Radio, audio file, 1:38:12, 10/10/16

Mark Johnson: Congressional candidates spar on issues, State, national concerns discussed
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/11/16

Running for First: Voters quiz congressional candidates in call-in show
Interlochen Public Radio, audio file, 53:59, 10/13/16

2014 Race

Craig Currier: Benishek: Emissions regulations are an attack on Northern Michigan jobs
Petoskey New-Review, 6/4/14

George Weeks: Benishek-Cannon congressional race heats up
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 8/24/14

Tom Shepstone: Fracking Falsehoods: Saying Itís So Doesnít Make It So, 8/27/14

Release of U.S. Senate CIA 'torture' report still on hold
Reuters, 9/8/14

Candidate Forum, Traverse City League of Women Voters

Benishek hopes to hang onto congressional seat
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/24/14

George Weeks: 11th hour face-off in congressional race
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/25/14

Green Party challenger mounts GT County board campaign
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/27/14

Editorial: Benishek, Cannon offer few particulars, few ideas
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/27/14

Torturer on the Ballot
OpEdNews, 11/19/14

Applications for pipelines already in operation remanded back for review
Crawford County Avalanche, 1/28/15

2014 election results

2012 Race

Barry Commoner | 1917-2012, Scientist, Candidate and Planet Earthís Lifeguard
NY Times, 10/1/12

Noam Chomsky: Issues that Obama and Romney Avoid, The presidential candidates arenít so keen on addressing the survival of humanity
In These Times, 10/5/12

Green party challenges GOP incumbents, Budgets a big issue in County Commissioner race
Traverse City Record-Eagle, 10/12/12

The Agenda: Both Romney and Obama Avoid Talk of Climate Change
NY Times, 10/25/12

2012 election results

2010 Race

Outsider candidates add complexity to race to replace Stupak
Michigan Messenger, 8/27/10

Gary McDowell, Congressional candidate, visits Houghton County Dems
Keweenaw Now, 9/10/10

Sulfide mine opponents rally in Marquette
Keewenaw Now, 9/29/10

Green Party Congressional candidate visits area
The Mining Journal, 9/29/10

Glenn Wilson loses campaign manager
Michigan Messenger, 10/6/10

Candidates address issues at forum
Iron Mountain Daily News, 10/8/10

Speaking to the voters
Alpena News, 10/11/10
Alpena News correction to story

Six vying for 1st Congressional seat after Bart Stupak's retirement
Bay City News, 10/14/10

1st Congressional District Candidates Debate
9 and 10 News, 10/18/10

Meeting with Charlotte Loonsfoot (right, facing camera) and her lawyers outside the Marquette County courthouse after her sentencing September 28 (Mining Journal photo by Andy Nelson-Zaleski)

Fact Finder: Decision 2010 1st Cong.
7 and 4 News, 10/18/10

Congressional hopefuls stay candid, professional through first debate
Health care reform, Afghanistan take center stage during debate

Petoskey News-Review, 10/19/10

1st Congressional District candidates respond to key questions
Petoskey News-Review, 10/19/10

Race For The First: Green Candidate Says, 'No To Kennecott'
Interlochen Public Radio, 10/20/10

Candidates face off, 5 vie to represent 1st Congressional District
Escanaba Daily Press, 10/21/10

Channel 6 Video - Michigan 1st District Congressional Debate, 10/26/10

This Party Sucks
This American Life, episode 417, 10/29/10

2010 election results

Candidate Office
Jill Stein / Ajamu Baraka President / Vice-President
Ellis Boal US House District 01
Matthew A. Brady US House District 02
Jordan Salvi US House District 04
John M. Lawrence US House District 06
Harley Mikkelson US House District 05
Maria Green US House District 08
John V. McDermott US House District 09
Benjamin Nofs US House District 10
Dylan Calewarts US House District 12
Marcia Squier US House District 14
Dan Finn State House District 04
Tiffany Hayden State House District 11
Artelia Marie Leak State House District 29
Eric Borregard State House District 52
Joseph Stevens State House District 53
John Anthony LaPietra State House District 63
Michael Anderson State House District 70
Deena Marie Bruderick State House District 83
Cliff Yankovich State House District 86
Wade Roberts State House District 109
Sherry A. Wells State Board of Education
Derek Grigsby State Board of Education
Latham Redding University of Michigan Board of Regents
Will Tyler White MSU Board of Trustees
Margaret Guttshall Wayne State Board of Governors
Fran Shor Wayne State Board of Governors
Eric Siegel Oakland County Community College Board of Trustees (non-partisan)
Korie Blyveis Clerk / Newberg Township / Cass County
Celeste Bondie Commissioner / Emmet County District 4
Veda Balla Commissioner / Genesee County
District 4
Stuart Collis Park Commissioner / Ypsilanti Township / Washtenaw County
Tom Mair Commissioner / Grand Traverse County District 2
Shauna McNally Park Commissioner / Ypsilanti Township / Washtenaw County
Jesse Torres Park Commissioner / Holly Township / Oakland County
Wayne Vermilya Commissioner / Presque Isle County District 1

Green Party of Michigan

Green Party of the United States

US Green Party Platform

Michigan Green Party Platform

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