About Michigan's first congressional district

Map of the district

Absentee ballots

Michigan Secretary of State, Bureau of Elections

Candidate Office
Harley G. Mikkelson Governor
Lynn Meadows Lieutenant Governor
John Anthony La Pietra Secretary of State
Ellis Boal US House District 01
Lloyd Clarke US House District 02
Charlie Shick US House District 03
J. Matthew de Heus US House District 05
Pat Foster US House District 06
Richard Wunsch US House District 07
Douglas Campbell US House District 09
Candace R. Caveny US House District 10
Julia Williams US House District 12
George Corsetti US House District 13
Aimee Smith US House District 15
Richard Kuszmar MI State Senate District 09
Karen Shelley MI State Senate District 14
Fred Vitale MI State House District 03
Derek Grigsby MI State House District 07
Franklin Harden MI State House District 35
Latham Redding State Board of Education
Mary T. Wood State Board of Education
Libby Hunter University of Michigan Board of Regents
Diana Demers University of Michigan Board of Regents
Surjit Singh Dulai Michigan State University Board of Trustees
Margaret Guttshall Wayne State University Board of Governors
James Arnoldi Wayne State University Board of Governors
Jason A. Tyrell Allegan County Commissioner District 07
Neva L. Tice Allegan County Commissioner District 08
Stephen C. Westin Allegan County Commissioner District 10
Tom Mair Grand Traverse County Commissioner District 07
Dianne Feeley Wayne County Commissioner District 05
Louis Novak Wayne County Commissioner District 06
David McMahon Augusta Township (Washtenaw County) Trustee

Green Party of Michigan

Green Party of the United States

Choice: Center for Reproductive Rights

Choice: Planned Parenthood of West and Northern Michigan

Kennecott: Save The Wild UP

Labor: Labor Notes

Single-payer: Labor Campaign for Single Payer Healthcare

Single-payer: Healthcare - Now!

Single-payer: Physicians for a National Health Program

Socialism: Solidarity